Roof Moss Treatment

Cleaning moss off a roof

Professional Moss Treatment Services

Moss can cause severe problems to your roof. For one, it will mess up the aesthetic value of your roof. It messes up the appealing look of your roof, leaving the materials looking old and rugged. Second, it will break or displace the shingles on your roof. If you do not react in time, it might lead to roof leaks. With that said, it is essential to deal with a moss problem immediately after you spot it growing on your roof. If you are looking for a reliable roofing contractor to offer you roof moss treatment services, look no further than Sharp Roofing. We have years of experience and the equipment to rid your roof of any traces of moss. For more information or to hire us for our moss treatment services in Seattle, WA give us a call today at 206-367-7663.

Our Roof Moss Treatment Process.

We come to you with years of experience regarding roof mos treatment. The following are a few of the steps you can expect us to take when we come for roof moss treatment in Seattle, WA

  • Preparation: Roof moss treatment is a process that produces a lot of dirt. The first thing we will do is wear protective clothing, cover the surrounding plantations, and set up the ladder together with the hose pipe.
  • Spray water on the roof: We will spray water in all the areas with moss, working from top to bottom.
  • Scrub your shingles: Before applying a moss remover, we will use a scrub brush to scrub the asphalt shingle roof. This way, we will pluck off some moss from the shingles or tiles. We will clean from one section to the other to make sure we cover every area of your roof, and brush going downwards to avoid breaking the tiles or shingles.
  • Apply Moss Remover: We will then use a pump sprayer to apply the moss remover on your roof. We then let the chemical solution settle in as advised by the manufacturer, around 20 minutes.
  • Rinse your roof: Using the hose and the ladder, we will rinse away the moss remover together with the dead moss plants. If there is any remaining moss, we scrub it off using the brush.
  • Power wash your roof: We will use high-pressure water to clean your roof, leaving it free of all forms of moss plants. Give us a call today at 206-367-7663 to schedule our roof moss treatment services in Seattle, WA.

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Moss can be a problem to your roof. To make sure you deal with it before it covers your entire roof, call us immediately you notice it growing. We will arrive on time, ready to get to work immediately. For any questions or to schedule our roofers for roof moss treatment in Seattle, WA contact us today at 206-367-7663.